About EVI7


EVI7 is an online social media and social networking service. EVI7 enables users to communicate with each other by sharing status updates, headlines, comments, thoughts, and even products available for sale. The EVI7 network also allows businesses to create dedicated business pages to post their latest company news, deals, and jobs.


Features for Individuals
  • create a personal profile
  • post to their timeline
  • connect with friends, family, and colleagues
  • post products and services for sale
  • create fan pages, pages for their hobbies
  • create private groups
  • participate in our community forums
  • follow friends, colleagues, their families, and businesses
  • discover upcoming events and post events
  • play online games


Features for Businesses
  • connect with clients
  • create business pages
  • promote products and services at no cost
  • promote special deals
  • promote posts in their timeline
  • create groups for employees and / or clients
  • advertise their services within our network


Parkstraat 83
2514 JG Den Haag
The Netherlands